Class Registration


Class capacity has been reduced to no more than 20 people, which means to ensure your in-studio spot, you will need to preregister for all classes. The studio floor has been marked with mat spaces to provide for safe social distancing.

Preregistration requires an active membership or pre-purchase of a class pass.
You can do this on our website, or on the Urban 728 app via the app store or google play. Please make sure you have the latest version of the app and if you have forgotten your password you can reset your password here. Our unlimited members have the ability to register for one in studio class per day, or take unlimited streaming classes.  Please note, we have updated our pricing options to give you more freedom to purchase a package that best fits your practice. Upon reopening, existing passes will be honored. Please, email Kimberlee Soo, our studio administrator, for more information regarding pricing, packages and other options.

Beginning 6/13/2020, all memberships on hold will be reactivated. If you have any questions, please email Kimberlee Soo

Due to reduced class sizes, class reservations are refundable ONLY if cancelled 24 hours or more before the class start time. If you are an unlimited monthly or annual pass holder, there will be a $30 charge for no-show or late cancellation.

To Register

  • Visit the class schedule page on our website or use the Urban 728 app. We will not take email or phone reservations at this time.
  • A waitlist is automatically generated if a class is full; you will be notified if a spot becomes available and reservations must be made at least 2 hours before class start time.

If you cannot get an in-studio spot in your preferred class or prefer not to attend class in person at this time, don’t worry. Livestream classes are here to stay!  Moving forward, once daily classes at noon PST will be available via livestream.

At this time (phase one of reopening) we will host 4 classes per day and will announce classes weekly. You can only register for classes within 7 days. We look forward to adding more classes within the next few weeks.

Private Classes


  • Urban 728 has LA’s only PRIVATE hot yoga studio and it is available to you. This is a 267 sq/ft area that will safely accommodate one student and one instructor. We have several packages available to choose from including weekly private memberships, at-home private sessions, single sessions, 5 packs or 10 packs. Sessions require advance booking and cannot be cancelled without a $50 cancellation fee within 24 hours. Please email to purchase and book your private sessions today.
  • In addition to our private studio we will now offer GROUP SEMI-PRIVATE sessions to be scheduled in the MAIN STUDIO daily. These sessions are designed for 5-10 regular participants and are $300 per hour. Sessions require advance booking and cannot be cancelled without a $50 cancellation fee within 24 hours. Please email to purchase and book your private sessions today.

In-Studio Procedures


Your temperature will be taken upon arrival at the front entrance on La Brea. Please arrive for class no more than 20 minutes before its starting time to reduce crossover traffic between classes. Please do not enter the building if a class is just letting out. Arriving on time and be ready to start your practice five minutes prior to start time.  We cannot accept late arrivals during this time. Late arrivals will be charged for a no-show or late cancellation. We will let two identifying males and two identifying females into the studio at a time to mange spacing in the lobby and bathrooms.

  • The classes will be dismissed from back row to front to manage social distancing after the class so that people can exit the studio safely. If I didn’t mention face coverings are required when entering and exiting the studio.
  • IMPORTANT: Please enter our building with your face covering on (required).  Use our hand-sanitizers upon entering and existing the studio (located at the front desk and in the hallway and bathrooms) and review and sign the re-entry waiver prior to arrival electronically or at the front desk.
  • Remove your shoes and place them in your own carry bag, or under the benches at the entryway. Please do not leave your shoes in the hallway or in the lobby area. We highly recommend you limit the number of items you bring into the studio as the cubbies and lockers will be temporarily unavailable.
  • Follow the social distancing floor decals, which are no less than 6 feet apart. Give your first and last name to the desk staff or teacher at the desk area and proceed into the studio. Once you arrive in the hot room please remain in savasana until class begins to avoid in/out traffic.
  • Our restrooms will be available. As mentioned, we will let two identifying male and two identifying females into the studio at a time to mange spacing in the lobby and bathrooms. However, we kindly ask that you consider personal care necessities prior to attending your class. Showers are temporarily closed. The restrooms, lobby and hot rooms will be cleaned before and after every class.
  • IMPORTANT: Bring your own practice props, including your mat, towels, block, strap, a filled water bottle and mat disinfectant. Studio props, mat rentals, towels, and hair-ties are not available at this time. Water fountains are disabled, but beverages are available for purchase at the front desk. (Please be sure we have your credit card on file to allow touchless transactions.)  
  • Once you move into the studio space, please fill in mat spaces from left to right, front to back.
  • You will notice that the teacher will be teaching with a microphone and will remain in the center front of the hot room. This is for all of our protection, safety and respect.
  • After class, please wipe your practice area, clean and disinfect your mat and your props with your own towel prior to exiting the studio. Our staff will sanitize the studio once students have exited. Please replace your face-covering upon exiting the studio space and building.
  • Please do not congregate in the lobby or cubby area, and practice social distancing in the studio at all times, being mindful of others.
  • We have adjusted our regular schedule to increase time between classes, giving us additional time for sanitizing and allowing students from one class to move out before the next group comes in.

Additional Items


  • All staff, instructors and exchangers (staff) will have their temperature checked before entering the studio. The staff will wear PPE before and after class and maintain a safe social distance.
  • All personal items left at the studio will be discarded immediately. We will no longer have a lost and found area.
  • Do not come to the studio if you or someone you have been in contact with is experiencing any symptoms of illness. If you have traveled abroad, we ask that you live-stream our classes for two weeks upon your return.
  • For the sake of the greater community please email if you have been to a class and found out that you were exposed to COVID-19 and/or come in contact with somebody that has. You will remain anonymous, however we will be able to take immediate action to protect and support others.
  • Please wear a face-covering upon entering and exiting the studio.
  • The lobby door of the studio will be opened and remain open during each class check in.
  • The main studio door will be opened on demand by an Urban 728 associate.
  • Our studio is hands free in the bathrooms as far as doors, toilets and sinks. Our bathroom surfaces, lockers, cubbies and showers are cleaned and disinfected before and after every class.
  • Our main studio and private studio floors are antimicrobial. The floors and mirrors are cleaned and disinfected after each class. We use UV light sanitation as well as a hospital grade ventilation system to ensure that the space remains as clean as possible. During each class our hospital grade ventilation system will automatically circulate the air every 15 minutes.
  • We are removing all props and straps from the studio until further notice. You are welcome to bring your own.
  • Until further notice we will discontinue our intro month 30 day offer for new students and offer a weekly trial for $30.